Moira did a lovely job on my painting. The family heirloom was severely damaged, seemingly beyond repair. Moira weaved miracles. Close family members cannot detect the damage and often comment on how well it looks. Moira was extremely helpful and I would be happy to recommend her to anyone to entrust her with their treasured possessions

Nicholas Ritchie, Oxfordshire

I have been a picture framer for 35 years. For nearly 25 Years Moira McCarthy has done the cleaning and restoration work required by my customers on oil paintings prior to framing. Because I am acting as an agent it is critical that all work sub-contracted in this way is done to the highest standard. Moira has been able to retrieve artwork that has looked a lost cause as well as the more straightforward surface clean and re-varnish. Her pricing is always fair and my customers have never been less than delighted with the finished result.

Kathryn Park, Oxford

Every time I look at it, it gets better.
(Comment on a recently restored painting by Tay Bak Koi, a contemporary Singaporean artist. Restored in situ as the painting is 8ft x 4ft)

M Thomas, Northants

Moira’s love of paintings shines through in all the work that she does.

S.Taylor, Brighton

Thank you for doing such a good job with the supposed Hogarth, a remarkable achievement in so short a time. I am delighted with it. It looks excellent in its present position in the new History Gallery. You were quite right, the quality of the painting is much higher than would at first have appeared; there is much greater subtlety, particularly of colouring, after your cleaning than was ever apparent before it.

Richard Burns. Keeper of Art. Central Museum. Northampton